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Jerome de Perlinghi

I have been shooting images and photographs since the middle of the Seventies. I was fifteen when I boarded a ship to Hull, UK, with a Nikkormat and a 35 mmm lens. You will find here the stories from the early days traveling by train from Liverpool to Manchester. My love of the b/w will transpire going on to Shanghai and with the two portfolios around Central Asia. Since my Shanghai book was published in Paris in 2000, it has become mostly color, with the digital age all around. After having photographed Chicago in b/w. mostly in the Nineties and early 2000, you will get it all in color. This is the work of my walks from the last six years. Still, once in a while, b/w remains my true love as you will see this in the portfolio "The Real OG's and Their Friends", a set of portraits from December 2015 around the underworld in Baltimore. Shot in and around the funeral of a Godfather, it became a very interesting story. Without the portraits of the famous, this Gallery would not be complete., many beautiul memories around Liam Neeson or Morgan Freeman. Please enjoy the work.

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